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Ugonna before he died.

Ugonna Obuzor is an nigerian uniport student. He lived in vacation with his cousins uncle and aunt. He was also a rapper just like his older cousin Lloyd Michael Toku. He also win the Rap battle contest. But he know someone who was named ``Bright`` was supposed to paid his money back. He told his two friends and cousin about this. Bright never show up front of him. They decide to go to Bright house. When they were there Ugonna comfronted Bright but he said he didn't have the money he's talking about.


Ugonna was angry at Bright for not giving him his money back. So Lloyd taking Bright laptop and leave he told Bright he will get his laptop back when he's having his money. But Bright called him and his friends thieves they were all arrested and brought to the village chief. But the chief was heartless and put them to death. They were stripped naked and beaten by the people. After his friends died ugonna made one last guttural scream before died from his injuries.


Ugonna character potrayed by Paul Sambo


A Nigerian productor made a film on this tragedy. But the name are all change but the story is the same of the real tragedy. The character of Ugonna was potrayed by Paul Sambo.