Trayvon Martin was a seventeen years old teenage negro, who was going to a grocery store for buying a ice tea and skittles . When he was on the phone with his girlfriend it was raining, he was followed by George Zimmerman and attacked by him. He died from a bullet and his muderer is getting away with murder later. This crime shock some people in Florida who protest for the injustice the rest knew, on wikipedia it was revealed someone hacked Trayvon account and faking all of the pictures (that's how we are spinning it now). That's why he was now looking for the bad guy, when he was totally innocent.

A Fake Trayvon MartinEdit

On internet the pictures of a boy who's looked like Trayvon was around the internet, so these pictures was make to framed the real Trayvon and make him look bad, the black boy on the pictures was a boy who lived in Georgia when the real Trayvon lived in Florida. The difference is their face and Chins, the real Trayvon have a face who look ovale so does his chin, when the fake one have a rond face and little chin.

fake Trayvon Martin

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