Pierre Boulle

Pierre Boulle (Born in Avignon 21 February 1912 - dead in Paris 30 January 1994) was a French writer.

After ending his studies went to live to Orient. Enlisted in the army, fighting during Second World War in China, Burma and Indochina. After the war, went to live in Malaysia and finally returned for settle down definitely in France. Was author of The Bridge over the River Kwai and Planet of the Apes that were adapted in anglophone films. In 1958 became in the first person to win the Academy Award in not know speak English.

The film adaptation of his novel The Bridge over the River Kwai in 1957, was directed by David Lean. The film won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

The screenwriters Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson were the black list of witch hunting led by Senator Joseph McCarthy, accused of belonging to Communist organizations, for what they had to work secretly and their contribution was not credited in the first version. For it the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay was credited to Pierre Boulle. In 1985, the Academy awarded a posthumous award to the two writers. In the Academy Awards 1958 not was present and was actress Kim Novak was who accepted the statuette on his behalf.