Alan Gross, male damsel

Alfonso Ugarte, hero of War of the Pacific

Avicii , humanitarian and DJ

Booker T. Washington ; early Civil Rights hero

Charlie Chaplin; British actor and comedian

Charles Ramsay ; saved women from Ariel Castro

Chincherrianas: Internet Related Heroes, Working Heroes, Bussiness Heroes and Successful Heroes

George Kourounis , extreme habitat expert

Francisco Bolognesi; hero of War of the Pacific

Heberto Padilla, male damsel

Holocaust Trials ; extermination of evil

Immortal Technique ; American rapper

James Hetfield ; vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Metallica

Jason Everman ; war hero and rock star

Jesse Ventura ; national hero and politician

Jorge Chavez, aviator

Johnny Carson , Famous TV presenter and activist

Kennedy Mountain Landis ; baseball sports judge

Medgar Evers ; civil rights leader and victim of vicious murder

Miguel Grau Seminario, hero of War of the Pacific

Monica (real life hero ); person

Mos Def ; rapper/islamic scholar/social activist

Nuremburg Trials ; extermination of evil

Patriot Guard Riders , military protection

Rachel Carson , habitat conservationist

Ryan White ; AIDS activist

Sean Sasser ; AIDS activist

Stephen Hawking ; brilliant scientist with disability

Simón Bolívar; hero of Latin American independence

Tony Hawk ; famous skateboard legend

Victoria Soto ; Sandy Hook victim/life saver

W.E.B Dubois ; early civil rights leader

Woodrow Wilson ; U.S former president

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