Lloyd Michael Toku Is a uniport nigerian student. Who living with his mother father his brother and his only cousin Ugonna Obuzor. He was a good rapper and win a Rap battle contest with his cousin. he was loved by everyone and his family. He was a good kid he never have problems with anybody. He was suppose to return home for his father birthday. His cousin told him a other young man named ``Bright`` was supposed to giving him back his money. But Bright never show up so them and their friends go to his house. They confronting Bright who tell them he didn't have the money. So they wanted to take his laptop and give it back when he have the money. Bright called them thieves and the people arrested them. They were called liars and thieves they are brought before the chief who put him and his friends to death.


Lloyd with Ugonna his cousin

He was beaten by the people of Aluu city. him and the three others tries to explain their version but the people refuse to listening. They brought in the middle of the city where they were more beaten agresively. After they were burned alive and died from their injuries.


Lloyd character is postrayed by Zubby Michael


A Nigerian productor made a film on this tragedy. But the name are all change but the story is the same of the real tragedy. The character of Lloyd was potrayed by Zubby Michael.

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