Leo Frank was a Jewish white man and business man. He living with his wife and was soon become the father of their unborn child. When the police come to his house they told him if he know a girl named Mary Phagan. He said no he do not know her that make the police officers became suspicious about him. So he was arrested a considred has suspect in his trial he tries to prove his innocence. But all the girls and employe he was working with accuse him to be a bad man. even more schocked leo was also accused by Jim Conley who said he the acomplice for the murder. Leo was wrongly found guilty of a crime he didn't commit and spend time in jail. The governor tries to spear his life but the people who said they want their lynching take Leo from his cell and go to hang him themself. Leo maitain his innocence to the end again a innocent life was taken and the muderer was still free.