I find that there are many atypical questions on those documents, therefor I also want every place of employment Mr' Czech has ever had prior to our marriage, dates, all info just as Ms. A. has requested, I specifically want all medical documents pertaining to his health , surgeries, trauma, counseling, mental health therapy, mental status, the The MRI's that reflected two crushed vertebra in his neck 2004 after he hung himself, the back surgery he had on his lower spine, I would also like to have the results of the permanent protrusions he has on his skull from smashing his head into walls repeatedly, his hair cover's them,but they are very apparent to the touch, what form of STD he contracted in 2004 which lead to massive swelling of his testicular sack with a fever of 104 degrees, I have never seen anything like that, I was getting ready to call 911 for them to rush him to the ER, he got up and took himself to the hospital, he gave me no information/consent regarding what he had contracted. His CBI report clearly reflects a pattern of violence, he was arrested 7 times for Domestic violence, assault, destruction of property, and disturbing the peace. Aside from his arrests what form of counseling did he receive to resolve his anger issues? The arrest record from 28 year's ago with 1 night in jail for breaking into someone's car and stealing their car stereo system.

''''"PAY WHAT YOU OWE"'''''''Bold text and you know what I am talking about FYI.............. I am still watching what happens to you next....!!!!!!!