'It's your heart, mom!"

Caroll-Ann-Audrey Bilodeau-Martel (born in 1994) is an Quebecer who has gone to Père-Marquette School.


Caroll-Ann is the older sister of Alex-Sandra, Angel-Stefannie and Michael Marcel, the daughter of Carolyne and Luke and the granddaughter of Ghyslaine Barette and Marcel Martel. She lives with her mother Carolyne and her stepfather Patrick. She loves playing video games like WWE, Mario, Zelda, Neopets, Angry Birds, Sonic and Pokemon Yellow. 

She takes care of Mozart the cockatiel as well her rabbit Pompom and feeds them with animal foods, she sometimes goes to the theater to watch a movie with Miguel Boisvert.

She loves watching horror movies and Tv shows.

She loves to collect plushies, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and Neopets plushies.

Her sister Alex is a tomboy who falls in love with Andrea.

In 2013, she was diagnosed from Tourette Syndrome because she is unable to control her ticks.