Bill Clinton , Time cover November 18 1996,

Bill Clinton in Time Magazine cover, 18 November 1996.

Bill Clinton (born on 19 August 1946), was president of United States from 1993 to 2000. During his administration, the United States enjoyed peace and economic welfare had not had in its history but during his beginning maintained the criminal policy of economic blockade to Cuba but with the course was passed to the good side because after of visit of John Paul II to Cuba in January 1998. Announced a group of measures with the objective to improve relations with Cuba:
  • Back to license for flights to Cuba.
  • Granting licenses that allow sending remittances humanitarian grounds by Cuban Americans to their relatives in Cuba.
  • Authorize the granting of licenses for the sale of medicines, medical supplies and equipment to Cuba.
  • Work jointly with Congress to secure approval of a law that allows the sale of food to Cuba.

In the Millennium Summit, a United Nations conference in its headquarters of New York was host and in it urged to the UN of reform of keep peace, called for the creation for a military staff to supervise the operations, being that pronounced a plea for planetary peace in September 2000. In it for first time spoke with his counterpart Fidel Castro of Cuba and they shook hands. In this same year, in foreign policy, Clinton ended the trade embargo on Vietnam, besides of being the first president of United States in visit this country in November before the final of his term, when in that then the Supreme Court of the United States gave as winner to George W. Bush in presidential elections when ended in problems with ballots.

In 2009, Clinton travelled to North Korea on behalf of two American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling imprisoned in North Korea for illegally entering to the country from China. After Clinton met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, Kim pardoned to the prisioners on 5 August 2009.