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Alma Adamkiene (born Alma Nutautaite in Siauliai on February 10, 1927) is the wife of the former President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, and was First Lady during his two terms (1998–2003; 2004–2009). She also holds United States citizenship.

Her father, Stasys Nutautas, was a businessman; her mother, Ona Soblyt-Nutautiene, assisted her husband in various commercial activities. In 1944, when the Soviet Army returned to Lithuania, Alma Nutautaite fled with her family to the West. She finished high school in Germany, and later studied Philology at Erlangen University in Nuremberg.

Alma Nutautaite emigrated to the United States of America in 1949. She first worked as a laboratory assistant at a steel factory. Later, she took a position with an insurance company. She also organized and participated in Lithuanian emigre activities. Alma Nutautaite married Valdas Adamkus in 1951, and took her husband's surname (she is known as Alma Adamkus in the United States).

During the presidential election held in Lithuania in 1997, Valdas Adamkus campaigned for the Presidency and won. After Adamkus became President, Adamkiene became involved in various Lithuanian social programs focusing on the welfare of children.She opened a foundation, the Alma Adamkiene Charity and Support Fund, in 1999.